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I know I haven’t been around and thats because I needed to step away from tumblr for a few days. My town has a carnival here for the weekend and I got hired to work it for a few days so I wont be around due to that either. But I should  / maybe returning on Monday

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so I’m still awake at 6am but Adisa is still mostly noping on things. I say mostly because she’s ok with Teen Wolf and SPN. Sooo i may revamp her into a TW/SPN oc (most likely a Demon) which I will start doing after my shower.


I’m not looking to be popular or to have lots of followers or threads going… I just want people to send my character asks sometimes or a comment here and there. I get sick of having to be the one to start the majority of interactions between my character and yours. -anonymous

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It feels like no matter how many followers I have, I’ll be ignored. So many people call me quality, say nice things about me, but yet I never seem to get asks. I feel like I bore people, and they are just trying to be nice. -Anonymous 
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It’s really disheartening when I reblog memes and nobody comes to do them. It makes me feel like nobody actually wants to interact with my muse, and really puts me down for roleplaying. I think memes are a great way of starting interactions with a roleplayer that you haven’t talked to before, and it really makes that roleplayer happy to know that his/her/otherwise’s followers care to talk to them and actually pay attention to them. So when I don’t get any, I just feel left out and lonely. -Anonymous
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I’ve been trying to find the effort to do drafts but I have none. My muse has gone on strike and wont do a damn thing. I’m not sure if its because of the lack of interest in her or what but I’ll be honest: I think it’s because we don’t get many replies/get pushed to the back burner though I’ve never once bugged anyone to reply to me) / get asks or anything like it. My muse feels like she’s useless and I do too. I’m tired of hearing how people like my character/writing whatever but then never get anything. So I’m thinking I may just go revamp her out of TVD because this fandom is not helping. 

Send me “Are you pregnant?” Or “I’m pregnant!” For my muse’s reaction!

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send me a ‘dibs’ if you are ridiculously attached to me as an rp partner ;

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